An overview of previous events can be found here.

  • Meeting with Mrs. Kidist Chala (The ILO’s Inclusive Development Project in Ethiopia), September 10 2019

  • Workshop with Dr. Lovise Allen (Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway) and Dr. Ayelech Tiruwa (Roskilde University, Denmark),  March 13 2019.



  • Workshop with Mr. Steijn Van Geel (Solidaridad), Jan 8 2020


  • Co-PI Prof. Kai Jonas, co-organized a workshop on Impactful Research through Intervention Mapping at the Faculty of Psychology, Maastricht University, January 15 2020


  • Workshop with Consortium Members, January 29 2020


  • Workshop with Dr. Nina Hansen (University of Groningen) and Dr. Agnes Meershoek (Maastricht University), March 5 2020


  • Mid-term workshop with team members (Maastricht University researchers, IDH, Frontieri, and ECDPM) and former team members (HIVOS), September 6 2021


  • Two virtual stakeholder meetings and a mid-term online workshop involving consortium members, local and international NGOs, and various government ministries in Ethiopia, January 13 2021 and June 15 2022.


  • Formal and informal meetings with more than a dozen key practitioners that focus on employment in foreign flower farms and apparel factories


  • Presentations of our findings at more than 10 national and international academic conferences, 2021-2023 


  • Final project conference in Addis Ababa involving circa 70 representatives from investors, government agencies, trade unions, donors and NGOs, 10 May 2023  



3WE meeting and event